East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

From an East L.A. Student

Aron Mendez is a high school junior who attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy and is a Leadership student.

In school Mendez is better in mathematics than any other subject and now he is taking AP Calculus. He is also taking other AP courses like AP Literature and AP US History. Starting Sept. 9, he started to go to UCLA some Saturdays for AP Readiness for AP Calculus, Literature, and US History.

He likes to be creative, and that was why in the seventh and eighth grades, he joined a club named MESA where he build a mousetrap car and an eye model for a competition and won three medals for first, second, and third place.

When Mendez was in the ninth and tenth grades he took Geometry and Trigonometry during his summer break for the Escalante Program, and that is why he is taking AP Calculus during his junior year.

He likes to learn new things and likes to do origami when he has free time during class.

His future is still unclear because he doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up but he still wants to go to college. But he might want to find a job that includes math.

Where Mendez lives is mostly quiet because it is a little street where not that many cars pass during the day, but in the morning it is very loud because he lives next to an elementary school and many cars pass by to drop off their kids to school.

Where he also lives, the air is fresh because he lives next to a park and on a hill where a fresh breeze reaches his home.