From suicidal to a girl with a dream


Daniela Robles is a 16-year-old girl who is currently a junior and goes to East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy at Esteban Torres High school. She lives a pretty average life, going to school, learn, living her daily life with family and friends, etc. But there are many people who don’t know who she truly is.

Living in Boyle heights since the day she was born and throughout her childhood was very hard for her, not by the hassle of food, money or a home, not by any abuse from a family member, not by racism but by herself. For six years, she has been bullied, without telling no one, not even her own parents because she was afraid. By the last year, she decided to take her own life but realized that what she was going to do was a terrible thing.

That traumatic experience stopped repeating in her mind until 9th grade, those feelings and memories came back and still has them recently. Robles does consider herself a suicidal because she keeps having those feelings, reminiscing back to her childhood in her elementary days, kids taunting her, calling her names, getting her into trouble for no reason, laughing at her for no reason, etc.

Until the fifth grade, her life was hanging in the balance. Every time from back in the day till now, she looks at a kitchen knife or a bottle of pills in a cabinet or at the kitchen table, those feelings keep coming back.

Sometimes Robles has day dreams that she’s already dead or at the hospital dying because she attempted suicide. She even jokes about it because she finds it as the most idiotic thing she has ever done in her life. But now she is focusing more on her real self, instead of being like others.

She uses a quote saying, “I am different and different is okay,” meaning that it’s okay to be yourself; don’t be afraid, be proud of who you are and the quote can be changed to you, he, she, her, him, they and so on.

Now at 16, Robles is accomplishing her life at school and at home. She has accomplished by fully earning her self-confidence which she has lost during her elementary days. She has been on tasks with her work, not procrastinating and really focusing on her work.

Recently she is learning the concept of journalism and how to write stories to the media. She has also learned the concept of AP literature, knowing she doesn’t belong in that class but she’ll get the hang of it.

She loves to draw ever since she was little and has been a part of her ever since. She also loves to sing, dance or anything that has to do with the arts, both visual and performing just like her dad, who looks up to as a role model.

Robles does have an ill temper, meaning she gets angry real quick, one little thing can trigger her but she tries to calm herself down.

She can be described as a creative, imaginative, shy, grumpy, clumsy, goofy and funny and as far as considering herself as a suicidal, she also considers herself as an artist. Even though she’s a suicidal, she has a dream. This dream is very special to her and would love to share her dream with the world.

After accomplishing studying at an art school somewhere around Los Angeles or anywhere around California, she would love to become an animator but the most important detail of her goal is that she wants to become a graphic novelist. She loves to create and tell stories throughout a visual representation, for short drawings. Her stories tell moral of reality and that we could learn from.

Robles has suffered a lot through her mind but she is a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and can make everyone laugh with hers. We should know that she’s a smart and talented girl and the stories she creates bring a whole new world beyond your mind as you listen closely. She may have a dark past and still go through those depressing and sad moments from time to time but she truly wants to get rid of those traumatic memories of her past.

She may be a suicidal but that doesn’t mean her life is ending, it means that her life is changing for the greater good.

We should all learn from Robles. We should all know and say that she is different and different is okay.

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