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Graffiti is art

Graffiti isn’t really vandalism, as many people think it is, but more of an art to those who see it as art.

Graffiti can be considered art because it all depends on the view of how people see things. Art is a way for people to describe and view things differently than others because if someone can view a brick as something wonderful, then why can’t people view graffiti as a wonderful thing to the human eye.

According to the “Graffiti: art through vandalism” states that, “Any passerby in an urban cityscape has observed the colorful, provocative, illegal ‘eyesore’ that is graffiti. Although many consider the spray-painted pieces a nuisance, graffiti has been gaining recognition from the art world more and more as a legitimate form of art.” This shows how people can view graffiti as a form of art.

Everyone has a different point of view of what art is to them, graffiti to some might be art but to others it can be a form of vandalism. I understand why many say it’s a form of vandalism due to people drawing on other people’s properties but it’s the design that counts in the view of the people living in that community.

Usually with the design of the graffiti and the more color they add to it is what amuses people and attracts them to just stare at it.

A piece of evidence I found in the same article said, “People are used to seeing graffiti art in public spaces, after all, that’s what makes it graffiti. However, after years of gaining recognition by the art community, graffiti art has been shown in various galleries in New York and London, and artists are often commissioned to do legal murals and other work for art shows.” This shows how art can be viewed differently and how people show their graffiti in galleries, and they’re having people look and admire their work.

Graffiti can be seen as modern art due to how most people enjoy it and think it’s something they would be able to admire. According to the “Museum of the city” it states that, “As Modernism was coming to a close in the institutions of fine art, graffiti was coming up as an art form within itself outside of the mainstream museums and gallery spaces. Born mainly in low-income areas the Graffiti movement could be said to be a reaction to Modernist architecture.” This shows how art can make people think of modern times because honestly graffiti is technically ever wherever you walk around you will at least see one piece of graffiti therefore it’s in our lives.

My opinion is correct because graffiti has been sometimes used as a way to decorate a street wall which can be enjoyed by many people. I believe that art is a way how people see things and what they feel about it. I believe it’s a type of modernized art and that people can grow to love and enjoy this type of modern art.

Art and graffiti are basically the same thing, meaning you make something with what you feel whether it’s with a paint brush or with a spray can. It’s the type of art that can be seen wherever they walk and little by little graffiti will be seen as the new art.

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  • Reply Douglas Campbell November 8, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    Art is in the eye of the beholder — and yet, graffiti is most often applied to canvases which are owned by another who does not want it — which qualifies it as vandalism. If you don’t own the canvas, you should not do the art, for the owner of the canvas may be required by the authorities to make the canvas clean again out of his or her own funds — even if the owner does not want to restore the canvas out of his or her own volition. In essence, the graffiti “artist” has stolen something of value from the unwilling person owning the canvas. If of course, the owner is willful, then there is no problem — the First Amendment completely protects such expression.

    I do not want someone drawing gang symbols on my garage — nor do I want them to do even the nicest of what they consider art. I do not want a letter from the city requiring me to repaint my garage, and so, if you graffiti my garage and I catch you — you are in for a very bad time. Graffiti “artists” know this — which is why many of them carry firearms. But I know they are apt to, and so if I see them, I will call the police and let the police disarm the “artist” and put him or her into the court system where said “artist” can realize the full gravity of what they have done. Furthermore, the owner may well sue the artist’s parents (if the artist is underaged) for the costs of restoration, or even sue the artist alone — and if you are poor, you understand what that means to your household accounts. If you are rich, or hate your parents, graffiti away, but know that what goes around comes around.


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