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Have curse words become so common they have lost their shock value?

“Stupid @#$%!”

Everybody nowadays use curse words… well, except for little kids. I always hear people cursing whether it’s in school, the street, or even my home. I also use curse words when I talk about almost any topic.

Before, people would make a big deal out of curse words, since they were bad and only “bad” people would use them, but over time people started using them so much that almost everybody stopped caring.

Curse words are so common that they lost their shock value. In the past, people used to be most shocked when adolescents used curse words because they would think that they were uneducated. They also thought profanity was disrespectful. Now, if an adult hears an adolescent use curse words, they don’t seem surprised anymore, they just tell the student or whoever cussed to watch their language.

I’ve actually seen parents hear their own kids curse and they don’t tell them anything. This could be because they probably weren’t addressing it to anyone. For example my parents are like this, when I was younger they used to get mad when I used curse words and now they don’t really mind.

You can hear curse words in mostly everything, especially music. And music is something everybody listens to. In addition, when someone heard a woman say a curse word, they were most shocked because it wasn’t lady-like.

Curse words aren’t a bad thing if you aren’t saying them to hurt someone. I’ve heard some teachers curse during a lecture or talking to a student, that person and other students don’t seem to have a problem with it. In addition, most conversations between teenagers, there will most likely be curse words during the conversation and no one will care because that’s just how they talk and they aren’t offending anybody.

The only times I’ve seen some teenagers have a problem with curse words are pictures on social media that talk about how some kids get their feelings hurt when someone calls them a curse word or something hateful with profanity. These teenagers still don’t get shocked.

According to desertnews.com, in the article, “What the heck? Casual curse by teens is rising,” says that Timothy Jay, a scholar, estimates that adolescents use 80 to 90 curse words a day. A Gallup Youth Survey found that 46% of surveyed teens (13 to 17) use profanity several times a week or daily. It also showed that 28% teenagers heard their parents curse a few times a week or on a daily basis.

Sixteen-year-old Niels Pedersen said he was shocked with curse words in the 5th grade, now about 80% of his friends curse occasionally in conversation.

According to huffingtonpost.com, in the article, “Which curse words are popular in your state” states that cursing can reduce stress and be beneficial to our health.

Sometimes curse words could be bad depending on where they are said. Other times, people can be shocked when they hear someone quiet and shy say a curse word.

I’m still in high school and I don’t think I’ll ever stop cussing. Curse words are something that people say and are already used to hearing. They are an everyday thing, used in any type of conversation that sometimes doesn’t affect anybody.

I think as the years go by kids and adolescents will start using curse words at a younger age. Saying curse words isn’t always good but it isn’t always bad either.