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High School Students should be more involved in their career

There is plenty of ambition shared within the youth of this generation, and careers are looked upon as dreams which can be accomplished. Today there is a diversity of high school students each seeking different professions. However, how many mindsets change due to lack of knowledge for the profession?

High school students should have an open grasp to the career they desire and have insight on requirements for the profession.

There are majors in college today that are greatly populated: business, technology, or science to name a few. However, students tend to change their majors as they find different outcomes.

Many tend to lack experience or skills required for the job and spend time and money in a field which no longer interests them afterwards.

School workshops may be influential and cause high school students to be aware of their preferred career. In Minnesota, high schools are currently searching for instructors who can teach and prepare students with either part time jobs or internships.

Fortunately in Chicago the freshman graduate rate “skyrocketed” when high schools were equipped with resources for college majors.

Informing and educating students can potentially lead them on the correct path. Throughout the United States there should be more districts providing insight which can potentially higher high school graduation rates and lead students to the right career.

The ambition each student carries will lead them to the proper field with more insight avoiding time and money to go to waste. Having more insight may educate and provide a well-rounded understanding for high school students.