Cover art for Joji's "In Tongues"
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Album Review: “In Tongues” by Joji

Joji has released an album or an extended play called “In Tongues,” which has six songs in total. Five of his songs have to do with his life and the things he has done.

The songs are really good, but others might think differently because it’s my opinion, the beat he puts in his songs are good because it makes your body move with the songs.

The first song in his album is called “Will He” the song is about him talking to his ex-girlfriend, making sure she’s doing good with her new boyfriend. He asked her if he has done anything like what he did to her, like play music for her.

He also asked her if he treated her bad like he did in their relationship. The second song “Pills” is about the drugs he did to relax and treat depression and stress.

The third song is called “Demon,” which is about depression and the demons telling him everything, which means that the thinks he hear about his relationship.

The fourth song is “Window,” which is a song where his life doesn’t matter anymore that he as being in pain in is life that he wants it to end.

He wants to “sleep” forever and he wants to dream for he can forget the pain he feels.

The fifth song is “Bitter F**k” which that his relationship was bad and it made him rude to his friends and they call him a Bitter F**k for it.

The final song is called “Worldstar Money (interlude)” which talks about him that if he is crazy or that is there something wrong with him.

“In Tongues” by Joji is a great album to listen to. I give it a 9/10.