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It’s not the Dodger Dogs that bring in fans

Records almost breaking history? Rookie sensations? One-hundred-mile-per hour spherical objects coming at you taking weird hops, curves, or cutting across your body? Now what sport has all this?


But the day has come to when people are considering baseball is losing its cool. You’re probably asking yourself right now, why is this relevant to me right now? I will answer that question for you: baseball has had some major impacts but all the other sports are taking the spotlight from baseball, so in my eyes, the MLB has more star players than the NFL and the NBA.

Baseball is losing its cool? Maybe the games are too long or it’s just not entertaining anymore? I think not, there are teams and players out there looking to break records this season.

Have you seen the Cleveland Indians run this season? They had 22-game winning streak which no team has done in the modern era. Just imagine breaking records like that. It’s not the same thing as an NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBA, MLS, etc. but it sure is exciting winning 22 wins games in a row and also winning that 22nd game in fashion with a pair of doubles to tie the game and to walk off at their home stadium.

There is a rookie and a 7-year veteran who are looking to break home run records. The home run record was just broken by the MLB this season with the 5,694th home run being hit by Kansas City Royals’ Alex Gordon in the eighth inning at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Baseball is not everybody’s sport, majority of the people I know say you don’t do anything for baseball, but the things that those people don’t realize is that a hard baseball can either be hit or thrown to you at around 100-plus miles per hour.

I do understand that baseball games can seem very long at times and yes the games can be boring for the fans watching the game. I too can relate to this feeling because there are times that the game doesn’t feel like a game anymore to people, like if the score is 10 to 0 at the bottom of the fifth inning with Clayton Kershaw or Stephen Strasburg on the mound throwing scoreless innings.

The game of baseball does indeed feel super long at moments like this. The last time I went to a baseball game was last month when I watched the Dodgers get defeated by the Atlanta Braves 12 to 3, with the Braves pitcher striking out of everybody and hitting a grand slam off of Alex Wood. That was a super long game for me to watch the Dodgers get beat like that early off during the game.

But look at the bright side if you’re watching a 12-0 game it is a shutout, it can be a no-hitter, or even better, it can be a perfect game. That is the best thing to see in baseball, watching history in person and maybe even recording it on your phone or camera.

There are more and more prospects coming up from high schools, colleges, and the farming systems of MLB teams. These prospects will hopefully be the next stars, the next Mike Trout or Bryce Harper, hopefully better so that more and more people will have an interest in watching baseball or playing it maybe too.

The ESPN broadcasting and sport analysis network has shown that there are records being broken in baseball by rookies, veterans, and teams in general that go on long winning streaks.

I myself am a high school baseball player and do not see baseball losing its touch from both the field and the stands. Even park league games bring interest to some people; at major league games it’s more exciting because you can see your role model playing, and when you’re in the game yourself the game does not ever lose its touch unless you’re Aaron Judge breaking the single season strikeout record, just kidding Judge, you’re a beast.

Baseball will have its ups and downs but will not ever lose its touch.