East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

It’s only the beginning

Jose Hernandez is a rising senior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. He is also one of seven students participating in LASA, a program for learning about the different things that make up a city and what purpose they serve for the city.

Growing up as a shy kid, his brothers and sisters told him that he shouldn’t give up on his goals and that he should go to college to get a better life for himself. Hernandez’s parents supported him constantly, buying supplies for him well into the night.

He is well established in the field of mathematics. He has won an award for getting a perfect score on the California Standards Test also known as the CST. Over the summer he participated in a math program to help him get ahead in math also known as the Escalante Program. Hr has also scored high on the smart and balance test for mathematics.

When he’s not in the classroom he is in the school’s weight room trying to better himself physically. He is often sweaty, hot, and tired by the end of the workout.

At home he is likely to be in his room listening to music or playing video games with his friends online. When not at home or at school he can be found at the peaceful and blissful Obregon Park playing basketball or soccer with his friends.

Hernandez is excited at the opportunity of working with the LA Times and writing about the city he lives in. He is excited about working with other all around Los Angeles and learning about their lives and what they’ve gone through.

After working with the LA Times, he will continue working in school to achieve his high school diploma and hopefully get accepted into USC and major in Mathematics or in Science. After getting his degree in Mathematics or Science he hopes in starting a career in a university doing research on illnesses and finding a cure or treatment for those illnesses. If that doesn’t work out for him, he hopes to be a high school math teacher inspiring students to follow a career in Mathematics.