East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Jenny the little one

Jennifer Gomez is currently a senior attending East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, one of the five high schools on the Torres campus.

In the fall she wants to attend either California State University, Los Angeles or California State University, Northridge. Since Gomez enjoys helping people as well as working with children, she would like to earn her degree in Nursing or be a third grade teacher. She loves to be a helping hand to anyone having a hard time; she will even go the extent of conversing with someone if they are ever feeling down.

Going to the doctor’s as a kid, she was fascinated by the way doctors would do what they needed in order for patients to feel happy and healthy. Chasing her dream of being a nurse or a teacher will only add to her passion for helping people.

Being the middle child of a family of six, Gomez will be the second in her family to attend college and graduate high school.

What she likes to do in her spare time is to go out with her family or just gather around and have a talk. She likes to travel to places to discover new things. Almost every Sunday, she goes and visits her grandma when she is in town.

One of the skills that Gomez has is that she’s bilingual. She speaks Spanish with all her family and English with her friends.

Her favorite type of food is Mexican. Her favorite food would be posole, tamales, or mole.

Gomez would want to accomplish her goals. With the support, and help from her family and teachers, she will be able to accomplish these goals.