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La Central Bakery: The bakery people keep coming back for

La Central Bakery was built in 1984 and has been a part of the community ever since.This historical monument’s first location was just around the corner from where it is now located. The family owned business gave back to community with its traditional and cultural ways, such as keeping the food old school and giving back to the people.

Even to this day store owner Sabino Martinez can be found in the kitchen making their most famous dish of “sweetbread” daily. Just goes to show you how much the owner actually matters and plays a role to this community.

La Central Bakery is most famous for their warm, soft, sweet, bread. They have their regulars from people from all over the community including people from other neighborhood. They are greeted with a welcoming and friendly attitude as if it’s your family. Almost every customer who walks through that door becomes a regular.

Customers have become so fascinated with the bread that they’ve decided to open up a chain of bakeries around the city. Today there are two other bakeries, one in Oxnard and the other La Habra, all owned by Martinez to keep the tradition going.

Each bakery is famous for its bread in its own way, but what makes the bakery in East Los Angeles unique is the bond and relationship that is built between the employee and customer. Even for the people who leave the area come back to this specific bakery for their service and tradition that they provide.

Even without the friendly services that they provide, this store still lands on the top when it comes to getting fresh warm bread in this neighborhood. The location of La Central Bakery is tough enough when you consider the fact that there at least a dozen other bakeries just down the street from its location. Having that much competition in the neighborhood is tough, especially when you’ve been around for as long as this bakery has.

More than half the bakeries were not around during the time La Central Bakery was built so there was not much competition when it first came up, but having to keep up with all the new competition around and still making it to the top just goes to show you have popular and good this bakery really is.

To this day La Central Bakery still comes to the top of people’s minds when it comes to the best bread in town. Being around for three decades and still being able to compete on the toughest block for bakeries is not only tough but impressive.