East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Life of Arturo

Arturo Flores attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy and this makes his third year in the academy. He was born on Dec. 15, 2000 and now how 16 years old.

One thing he likes doing is running and he is currently in the cross country team. He has been trying his best to go to league finals.

His short-term goal is to graduate high school and try to attend USC or UCLA. His long-term goal is after finishing college save money and travel, see places that he hasn’t visit.

Flores is currently living with his parents, two sisters, and his brother.

He took the Escalante Program during summer twice and he’s so great in math that now he is taking AP Calculus.

His accomplishment was doing a marathon under four hours. He started doing marathons since he was in the 8th grade; ever since then he liked running.

Another accomplishment of his is getting almost straight A’s. He has been doing his best this past two years and will continue until he graduates from high school.

Flores holds the record for the fastest marathon time for any student in the history of Torres High School–not just ELARA, but all academies.

He is taking two AP classes and Journalism; he will be working a lot this year.

After school he goes to practice for cross country, and right now he is that fastest from the team and he also likes working out in the weight room on his free time.

He goes to the library when he doesn’t have practice after school to do his homework with his friend. He is trying his best to accomplish his goal graduating with good grades, finishing marathons under four hours again, getting a good time on cross country, and having a great time at Renaissance.