East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Life of Lizbeth

Lizbeth Bacilio is a 15-year-old high school junior who attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, one of the five schools at Torres High School.

Bacilio has been playing soccer for Torres since her freshman year and hopes to continue until she graduates.

After she’s done with school and soccer practice she trains boxing; her two main hobbies and passions are soccer and boxing. She loves the feeling of the wind blowing on her face when she’s running for soccer and the adrenaline rush of boxing when she has friendly boxing matches with other girls or guys.

One of the skills that she has is that she is bilingual which gives her the advantage of being able to communicate with many people and know their opinions or thoughts about certain things.

In her free time Bacilio enjoys going out with friends and having soccer scrimmages with her soccer friends. She also enjoys walks in the winter in the park or anywhere; she also likes to cook because she eats a lot and all the time.

Some of her most important accomplishments are being able to play soccer for her high school and having the courage to set her feet in a boxing ring. Since there’s many stereotypes saying that boxing is a guys’ sport and isn’t for girls. Another of her most important accomplishments is her having AP classes because she never thought that she had the skills to have AP classes.

Bacilio is the oldest of four siblings which means that she has to set the example for her younger brothers; that’s why her main goal is to be the first from her father’s family to be able to finish high school and go to college.

She’s not quite sure yet what she would like to do after when she graduates but if she hasn’t decided yet she would choose to be a math teacher for middle school or high school students and then get a major in something that involves medicine like a biomedical engineer.

Even though she’s always fighting with her brothers she still wants the best for them. That’s why her biggest and most important goal is to set a good example for her brothers so that they don’t fall into the wrong path and ruin their lives.