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Little Boy movie review

Little Boy (2015) starts off with a list of good deeds he needs to accomplish. Throughout the entire movie he sees how becoming friends with a Japanese man who they are in war with at the time faces so much discrimination. Little boy goes through the same struggles as the Japanese man as he is being bullied for his height.

Having the magician make little boy move the bottle makes him believe he is able to move a mountain. Having that goal put into his mind is basically what the whole movie is based on. You follow him accomplish everything on his list. Little boy is such an inspiring movie being able to teach the audience about discrimination on race to compassion for the one that is being discriminated due to their race. Little boy seemed to know what the Japanese man was going through since he had often been bullied for his height.

This movie is more about friendship and having faith and patience with what you really want to accomplish and bring home.  Although there were some conflicts with little boy’s older brother who at the beginning hate the Japanese man who they unfairly called “Jap,” they then see there is no harm that he is causing towards them. And just like the boy in heaven is for real they both faced many hate in what they believed in and thought would be right.