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Living forever is overrated

Wouldn’t you like to live longer? Well you aren’t the only one who has, everyone that has ever lived has wanted to live a bit longer. Living longer would be awesome but it comes with a lot of consequences, not just for you but for everyone.

The average global life expectancy is 71.4 years. Living longer lives sounds like a wonderful thing, but for science to prolong life, it places a huge burden on society and on the lives of that person.

One way that living longer lives has placed a huge burden on society is through programs such as social security. Another problem that comes with living longer is the way we live; the longer people live the more people there are to feed, and the more people suffer when they get older not being able to do many things.

Social security is impacted by people living longer in many ways. One is that it is not able to function properly, what I mean is that giving money to all the elderly people who depend on it. Living longer also burdens medical programs such as Medicaid and other health care programs, this happens because we get sick easier as we age and we need more care when we get sick. This burdens health care programs because they waste more money helping a few hundred old people than they waste on about 20,000 young people.

Living longer also affects the global food supply and the demand for it. It affects food because the longer we live the more people we have to feed and we can barely feed most of the people alive today. We would have to increase the food we already produce to more large quantities. This affects earth as well as we cut down forests to grow more crops, and we eat more meat, which when alive produce a lot of methane which helps eat up the planet.

Living longer sounds awesome but it’s not, just ask an old person they’ll tell you that being younger is better than being old, which is true. This miracle of being to live longer might seem as a gift at first but it really isn’t.

Already in our modern society we have felt the impact of people living longer than they did 100 years ago. Massive pollution, overpopulation, and the worst, global warming.

The gift of live is something awesome but like all awesome things they are meant to end.