East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Los Angeles Music and Art School

It’s located in East L.A. at the corner of 3rd Street and Indiana. You see kids and parents entering the building. It is dark brown with  big colorful letters that spell LAMusArt, which stands for Los Angles Music and Art School. That building became  a special landmark to me when I was six years old. Even though I was born and raised in Boyle Heights, I’m part of East L.A. too because of the connection I have with the LAMusArt School. Some of the people in that community probably don’t realize how old and special that place is. It’s been there for 71 years now, and was built in 1945. I took ballet classes at that school for 4 years.

The people who go to that school make this places special. 88% of the students that attend the LAMusArt School are Latinos. I believe this is the only Music and Art School in East L.A. You won’t be able to find it anywhere else nearby. It’s really amazing how I thought I would only find Latinos in that school because most of the people who live in East L.A. are Latinos, but there are actually people of different ethnicities and from different cities.

This is a school guests would want to visit because it provides a lot of different programs like music, visual arts, audio engineering, dance, drama, and Camp ArtMus. Their prices are affordable as well. Depending on your age and the class, they sometimes offer free classes. Visitors would appreciate this school because it brings joy to the community. They would think it’s a nice place where students can learn how to do what they like at an affordable price for a community of middle-class people.

If this place disappears, the community and I would be sad because there would no longer be an opportunity to take classes for an affordable price. People probably wouldn’t send their children to any other school because they are too far or too expensive. This school has been in East L.A. for a long time because rich people donate money so kids like us can have these opportunities. A lot of people recognize this place because it’s the only art and music school in East L.A. I value this school. It is where I grew up and got to meet people from different places. Every time I walked inside the building, I would hear people singing, playing different instruments and admire the paintings on the walls. It’s amazing how much talent kids have. I also liked how everyone knew each other and that I felt comfortable with everyone.

Everyone knows this place. People from different places come join or visit the school. This school is only located in East L.A. and nowhere else. If LAMusArt was never built I would have probably never taken ballet classes. The community would have probably never explored the different kinds of Arts that are important because there isn’t a lot of music and art schooling in East L.A.