East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Maravilla Meat Market: the meat market with quality meat and produce

The Maravilla Meat Market is located at the corner of Cesar Chavez and Arizona Avenues in East Los Angeles.  This meat market is not an average, cheap little market, they are known all around the community as the market with good, quality meats and products for cheaper prices than most others.

When approaching this meat market, you are visually attracted to it because of the murals in the front and on the side of its walls. These murals were painted by John Zender, an artist who attended Verdugo Hills High School and USC.

These murals were not just paintings of random objects, but visuals that actually help explain the community’s culture, history, and diversity. Zender did not just paint a mural once and repaint the same one over and over again, but he starts over again and makes a new one over the years to show the changes in the community.

In 1993, Zender painted the “Arizona Maravilla: Creative Solutions,” followed by the “Raza Adelante” in 1996, and lastly the “Homage to Mexican Masters” in 2003, which is still currently painted today.

The Maravilla Meat Market wants to spread peace through the community and end gang violence in East Los Angeles.

Surrounding the meat market, you’ll find a Domino’s Pizza, a woman who sells chopped fruit with lemon and chili powder, and the Los Angeles Community Service offices across the street. The entrance is right by the Domino’s, so when you first walk up to it you smell nothing but pizza. That changes though as you enter to the smell of freshly cut meats and spices.

The owner, Alicia Morales, and the employees are very friendly people.

A few years back, for about five years, I used to live down the block and shop at Morales’ market regularly for meats and chicken. Their meats and chicken taste fresh, juicy, and are marinated perfectly.