East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Meet the future civil engineer who wants his voice heard

Efrain Enriquez is a senior at the East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, one of the five Esteban Torres high schools.

From the age of 5, he’s had a passion for architecture. How did the Sears Tower come to be? What is it made of? Who constructed it? All of these were questions he wanted the answer to.

Enriquez believes he acquired his fascination for buildings and structures from his father, who is in the construction industry. He plans to attend the California State University, Los Angeles and receive his Bachelors of Civil Engineering but before that, he plans to perfect his transcript as well as get his AA at East Los Angeles Community College.

Although not having any experience in the field, he hopes to one day become a civil engineer.

In 2014 as a sophomore, Enriquez was an active member of the Garden Club where he used teamwork to tend to his school’s very own crop-filled garden. In this club, he managed to grow his very own food as well as take frequent trips to the Huntington Library where he observed its beautiful gardens and scenery.

Besides enjoying architecture and nature, Enriquez loves exercising such as weight lifting, running, and hiking. In fact, one of his favorite places to go hiking is Rubio Canyon.

He is also a big fanatic of soccer, so when he gets the chance, he plays with friends and really enjoys rooting for his favorite team Barcelona. In addition, he loves to spend time with his small family of four by eating at Applebee’s, going to the park, and watching movies together.

He strongly believes that building bonds with his loved ones is very healthy and necessary because they’re his support.

By working with the High School Insider from the Los Angeles Times, he hopes to let his voice be heard, work be shown, as well as be able to say he’s a published author for the Los Angeles Times.