East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Meet the senior leader who helps classmates build confidence

Ashley Gemao is currently a senior attending East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. She is in her second year as a member of Leadership in the Philanthropy Committee where she helps organize events such as blood drives, food drives, fundraisers and invites students to participate in special events.

In addition to Leadership, she is a peer counselor who motivates students to attend school and improve their grades. She is also an active member of the Yearbook Club where she uses her creativity skills by designing pages and taking pictures at special occasions. Furthermore, she is also interested in her city, and as a junior participated in the LASA program, which met once a month to learn more about Los Angeles and how it functions.

She is a member of the Inner Beauty Club where she provides support for others who have low self-esteem and acknowledges that our society’s high standards have made teenagers feel insecure about their appearances.

Gemao initially joined the Inner Beauty Club because she wanted to improve her self-confidence. But when she realized that her insecurities weren’t as severe as others’, she wanted to contribute to the community within the club by providing encouragement and comfort.

Ever since her involvement with school clubs and activities, she realized that she has a passion for helping others. This fall, she will attend college and hopes to discover a major that will allow her to improve society.

When Gemao isn’t organizing events and participating in clubs, she’s searching for hidden gems at the thrift store.