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Money and happiness

A lot of people may feel like money can buy happiness but other people may think otherwise. I personally feel like money can buy happiness, it really just depends on the situation you are in. Like whether you are poor or rich it all just depends. Most the time money does bring you happiness though.

However money can’t always buy happiness. The reason why is because let’s say there is something really bad going on like a family situation and one of your relatives is dying so obviously you are sad but money can’t help change that because they are dying. How will money help here? There is no way to save that person they will be gone and you will be heart-broken and money isn’t something that will change that because money can’t help bring that person back.

Although money can’t buy happiness all the time, I still feel like it does most the times. I feel this way because what if you are poor living in the streets, money is what you really need to get by and be able to get back on your two feet. I also feel like money can buy happiness because everyone has dreams of having nice things one day.

I am pretty sure everyone wants their dream car, dream house and other things like that, and having these things will bring you so much joy and happiness. That is why everyone works because they want money to buy their dream things. Also because they need money to provide food and a roof over their family’s head, doing that will make you feel good and happy, well at least for me it will, like just knowing that  you aren’t struggling financially makes you feel good and happy.

Another reason why I believe that money can buy happiness is because in the LA Times website it states that, “they say money can’t buy happiness, but science begs to differ.” So, it is scientifically proven that money can buy happiness. Another thing that this article from the LA Times said was that, “it doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, the new study suggests. If you feel pressed for time, your life satisfaction can be improved by trading money for minutes that you can use as you wish.” So this just proves another way money can bring you happiness.

Money can buy happiness. I believe this because I feel that in most situations money can be used to do some good and by doing good you will feel happy, well at least for me I would. A

Also because everybody has dreamed of having nice things one day so you need money to buy them. And it is also scientifically proven that money can buy happiness. There are many different ways money can be used and whatever way it is you use it that is what makes you happy right? Like for me personally I love money because I get to buy whatever I want when I want and those things I get make me happy.