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Money can buy you happiness

Have you ever bought something and not felt good about it? The best things in life are not always free. Something as simple as buying yourself or someone a bag of chips could put a smile on someone’s face.

Money can buy you happiness, even though not everyone would admit it because it would make them appear hollow. For example, let’s say you worked really hard and decided to treat yourself to something expensive, wouldn’t that make you happy? Well in my opinion, yes it would, maybe even buying something for someone else can boost your happiness. So in other words, money can buy you happiness.

In a study that was done by Zurich University, more people are satisfied and improve their morality by buying gifts for other people, rather than themselves. With that being said, many people assume or believe that self-interest is a much stronger emotion. But on the contrary, self-interest does not make us nearly as happy as giving to others. For instance, even though money alone or a big income may not be the “key” or guarantee a good life, evidence shows that what truly matters is how people spend it.

In addition, according to a professor from the Harvard Business School named Ashley Whillans, money can also buy you happiness by allowing you to make time-saving purchases. In other words, paying others to do unenjoyable daily tasks or chores in exchange for additional free time, boosts happiness. Furthermore, her research shows that people who traded currency for time were a lot more content with their life than those who didn’t do the same. To elaborate, the simple use of currency for your own benefit, as to extend your free time can have a positive effect on your daily mood and give you a greater satisfaction with life.

In the same way, although the most common thing for someone to do with money is buy stuff, it can also help you have a good time, as in a good experience with your loved one, friends or family. As a result, you look forward to experiencing more events with the same quality or outcome, which then allow you to feel happy before you even actually experience it. This also results in memories, which allows a person to reminisce and have this continuous joy. In brief, money can make a huge contribution towards the improvement of your happiness and emotions.

On the other hand, some people may say that buying and spending won’t bring you happiness, but who said you can’t give money to make a person happy. Which in many cases people have already done, like money donations to charities, which in return would make the people who receive the money happy. So money can make a person happy, it simply depends on how it is used.

It has been shown that money can buy you happiness and is truly a decisive factor for the happiness of someone. Whether it is for self-interest, or a simple act of kindness towards someone else. Money can boost the happiness and emotions of someone, but it all depends on how they decide to use it.