East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

More than a beautiful picture

L.A. the place that I love

the place that reminds me of my culture

by the way it looks,

the way it sounds,

the way it smells ,

the people in L.A.

Late summer afternoon walks through the streets,

you can already smell the taco trucks cooking the meat,

you can hear the children out of school for

summer  vacation screaming and playing outside,

you can also hear the whistling of the churro man

as he passes by your house or around the neighborhood .

L..A. the place I love

the place that I grew up in

the place that has changed me over the years ,

the place that will continue to change me either

for better or for worse but in the end it is the place

that made me the person I am today .

L.A. the place that keeps on going on everyday

even with the problems that might be happening.

The place that teaches us something everyday,

it might be small might be big but still something.

The place that hasn’t been knocked down or made weaker

but instead stronger with everything thrown , sent, shoved

its way over the years since the beginning .

L.A. the place who’s multi-culture

reflects off the building , murals , the people .

The place where we all come together celebrate our heritage ,

The  place were the festivals are celebrated with pride and passion .

Where the festivals are an excuse to come together and show the talent

behind us all , the importance of us all .

The art plastered around the city shows who we are as a community or culture ,

our pride , our diverse culture , us .

The art in L.A. represents more than a beautiful picture , image.

It represents our past , our present , our future .

Hopefully L.A. never changes , its beautiful the way it is no matter what.

I love L.A.’s people,

I love L.A.’s diverse culture,

I love L.A.’s natural beauty,

I love L.A.’s art plastered on its buildings ,

I love L..A.’s unique way of smelling,

I love L.A.’s sounds,

I love L.A.’s strength

I love  my city L.A.