East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Movie Review: A Silent Voice

“A Silent Voice” is an animated teen drama movie that was premiered in Japan on September 17, 2016. The movie is about a girl who goes through a lot because of her classmates, even though another classmate ends up going through the same thing.

This a very unique movie because it goes over many topics about life, like bullying, suicide and reality. In this movie I would say there is some sort of karma. For instance, the life of the characters gets switched around, to the point were one realizes what was done in the past was wrong.

This teen drama movie can connect with so many students because of meaning behind it. The twist and turns are so unique, that even the symbols that are used are so precisely chosen that it is remarkable, like the koi fish that is displayed on the film poster. The meaning behind the koi fish is important as well as the other symbols that appear throughout the movie.

The most important part of this movie to me would be how my nine year old sibling was able to see the meaning and its importance and how she truly enjoyed it. In the movie the characters background history and personality are important because each plays a different role that pushes the movie further.

For instance, one can be a coward, a bully, a follower, or a victim. In the end I would say this movie is similar to the movie “Wonder” that was released on November 17, 2017 in the USA.