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Movie Review: “Coco”

“Coco,” a Disney Pixar movie mainly focuses on a family generation tradition. “Coco” includes a lot of music, adventure, comedy, animation, fantasy and mystery. The tradition that’s shown in the movie is about “El Dia De Los Muertos” and how main character Miguel’s family sets a table up for their family members that have passed away.

What his family includes in the table are marigold flowers, sweat bread, candles, food, a drink and a picture of each family member that passed away and that they want to receive their offering. Miguel didn’t want to be with his family the day of the muertos because he wanted to go sing and play his guitar to the contest that was going to occur that same day.

Miguel was mainly inspired to sing and play the guitar by musician Ernesto de la Cruz. He wanted to participate in a contest but he knew his family, especially his grandma would be against it.

Miguel thought about his passion of playing the guitar and he also thought about his family’s feelings. When Miguel tried telling his family he wanted to play like Ernesto de la Cruz, his grandpa, his grandma got really mad and broke Miguel’s guitar.

His grandma only thought about herself and not about Miguel’s feelings. Even though his grandma disliked de la Cruz, she shouldn’t have broken Miguel’s guitar. Miguel got emotional and he ran away from his home since he was sad that he wasn’t going to be in the contest. No one wanted to let him borrow a guitar and he went to where Ernesto de la Cruz’s tomb was.

When he got the guitar to borrow it for the contest he played the guitar and the marigold flowers went up. Then the people came out of their tombs because they noticed that someone had taken Ernesto’s guitar. One went to check if there was someone inside and Miguel tried explaining why he had it and the person passed through him.

It’s also good how the movie teaches kids to explain why they take things that don’t belong to them. While Miguel was considered a muertos, he was able to learn why his grandma didn’t have Ernesto in their offer and why she didn’t want him to play guitar and sing like Ernesto de la Cruz. Sometimes adults take things too far and then try to explain and it should be the opposite because something worst could’ve happened to Miguel.

Ernesto de la Cruz was famous while he was alive and he had a lot of fame after Hector had died. Hector’s wife thought he had abandoned her, the truth is that when Hector told Ernesto de la Cruz that he didn’t want to keep being working together, Ernesto put something on Hector’s drink and that was the reason to why Ernesto died.

No one was around when Ernesto accompanied Hector to the train. Once Ernesto died next to him, he took advantage and got his notebook that had all of Ernesto’s songs that he had written. He used his songs to be famous.

Even though the movie focuses mainly on a family tradition of “El Dia de los Muertos,” it also shows betrayal by Ernesto de la Cruz.

This movie is one of the best that Disney Pixar has been made because there’s young and old people that are enjoying watching the movie. It’s very educational because its teaching kids that they should listen to their elders and when they say they can’t do something it’s because they know they’ll get hurt if they tell them certain things.