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Movie Review: Jurassic world, a nostalgic but new addition to the franchise

Just like the Star Wars franchise where every new trilogy is filled with nostalgia of the previous movie installments, you get new Jedis, Siths, empires, fighters and super weapons but in this case, a sequel trilogy to a less-old franchise: Jurassic Park.

Jurassic World (2015) brought a mixture of new setting and plot to the franchise but also kept the nostalgic dinosaurs like the velociraptors and the t-rex. However, just like any Jurassic Park film, we know the inevitable certain doom that’ll occur: a carnivore running loose and causing chain reactions of destruction, but that doesn’t wear out any thriller in the latest film.

The new plot and technology creates a new ferocious killing machine in the franchise, the Indominous rex, a breed dinosaur that is smarter, faster, and stronger than the T-rex that requires an isolated cage that manages to outsmart human technology and escape to densely populated theme park.

We all know we’ve wanted to see a giant run loose towards innocent civilians.

Warning: spoilers up ahead (but come on, this movie has been out for 2 years).

The best part about this film is the badass battle that takes place in the end of the film with the iconic T-rex versus the new highly anticipated killer: the Indominous rex. An intense clash between old-fashion evolution and peerless engineering.

All in all, the film did not disappoint it had just the right amount of nostalgia and far out setting.