East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

My East L.A. community

I live in East L.A. where the people are very nice depending on where you go. But for the most part, I grew up in Culver City and living in East L.A. is very different.

East L.A. has more graffiti and a little bit more messier streets while Culver City is more of a clean environment and you don’t really see many people of Hispanic descent; you see more whites, African Americans and Asians than you would see Hispanic descent. The food, culture and economic statuses are different as well.

The transition from moving has been very changing to say the least, but I like it. Though living in East L.A. I noticed there are a lot of junk food places as in Culver City there was healthier restaurants such Panera Bread, Chipotle, Olive Garden and other family businesses.

Culver City is a family-like type environment and everyone keeps to themselves while in East L.A. you see a lot of art and interesting cultures. There is a lot of things you can do in East L.A. like go to Mariachi Plaza to listen to salsa music or go to Plaza de la Raza where they have their art festival and gallery, and listen to music from young artists.

East L.A. and Culver City both have beautiful things you can enjoy. East L.A. is still progressing and getting better though. Both cities have their own beauty. I love both.