East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

My East L.A.

Being raise in East L.A. and Boyle Heights has shown me that it’s not so much different from where I come from. When my parents decided to come to L.A. 14 year ago, I imagined L.A. to be a totally different.

Time had to pass by for me to visualize that L.A. has common things as Mexico. Walking through Cesar Chavez Street and seeing brown-skin men, women and children makes me feel that I belong in East L.A. Knowing and seeing the people who make up this community, increase my comfort to the community.

My culture that my family and I have runs through the community as well. The lineage of different cultures in this community are in stores, shops and homes. The most popular culture in East L.A. is Latin. There is not one block on Public Street where you won’t see a Mexican or any Latin store.

Growing up, my perspective to my community started to change in a way I wouldn’t have thought of. A community is made of positive and negative people, actions and decisions. My community has taught me lessons from both side and decide which side I prefer and was good for me.

Crime, gang activities, and other negative things also have a part in this community, but also in my life. Throughout middle school through my sophomore year, I became involved to some minor activities that affect and hurt the community as well as me. Yet, realizing and with help from my community family programs, I left the negative activities and became majoring focus on education and soccer.

A thing all people have in this community is to be successful in life. I can say that the people from my community are one of the most hardworking people in their perspective jobs and careers.

I am proud to be raised in East L.A.