East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

My life in East Los Angeles so far

After living in East Los Angeles for 18 years along with my family, I’ve came to the conclusion that it is definitely not the ideal place to live.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s been a hell of a ride for the reason being I went to school here, I was raised here, and I even got my first job here. But East Los Angeles is also where I lost a family member for the simple reason of gang members attacking each other. So I could understand why some would be terrified to raise a family here in East Los Angeles. I give props to my family because they did a great job of keeping me on track.

Nevertheless we as humans will always have different opinions or different perspectives because we all have different ways of thinking. But I can’t sit here and say that East Los Angeles is the worst because it’s not the worst, and it’s not the best but it has its perks. One being that there is an endless diversity of culture foods, unique neighbors and amazing people. We are also very passionate about our culture and about our traditions which makes us come together as one.

Another reason I could say I enjoy living in East Los Angeles is because we have some really popular restaurants, parks, schools, parades, and fun fairs. One restaurant that is really popular around here is El Jato which is my grandmother’s cousin’s Mexican restaurant. If you have a passion for seafood then that is your place.

One of my favorite parks to go to here is Obregon Park, I have good memories of this park when I was younger due to the fact that I was in cheer for three years. My family also enjoys having picnics and parties at this park.

I can’t forget about my favorite school which was Rowan Avenue Elementary in which played a big part in my childhood. Until this day I still keep in contact with my fellow teachers. They taught me so much at such a young age and I will forever be thankful for them.

Just as East Los Angeles has challenged me and changed me no matter where I go after high school, East Los Angeles will always have a place in my heart. I will always said proudly and share, “I was raised in East Los Angeles.”