East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

My life’s path

Leslie Reyes is a junior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy. In February of 2016, Reyes got Student of the Month.

She started to take a theater college course so she could earn college credit when she goes to her desired college. When she finishes her college course she will feel really accomplished because she knows it something important for her.

Reyes wants to be a successful student. When she first entered high school she was nervous because she did not know what to expect. Now that she is a junior she is starting to prepare for her future because if you ask her, her freshman and sophomore year went by quick.

She likes to learn about different subjects in her school. As she gets older she sees that there are a lot of opportunities.

She in a program called TELACU. TELACU is a program that helps students plan ahead for their future. They take students to universities, and Reyes got the chance to visit USC and she loved it. One of her future goals is to attend USC because she really liked it there, and liked the environment and how the university is structured differently than other colleges she visited.

Reyes’ future goal is to graduate high school and attend USC to get her degree of Medicine. She hopes that she will accomplish that for her future.

When she has free time she likes to munch on Hot Cheetos.