East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Loyalty is an important trait to me

The thing that stands out most from my identity is my loyalty: loyalty to my family, to my neighborhood, and to the people around me. The community that I came from has a lot to do with my loyalty.

Loyalty comes from the heritage and people who live in East L.A. The people who live there are loyal to everything that has done them good, like for example their community. No matter how much danger, chaos and violence is in the area, people still want to stay and live where they’re comfortable and happy with one another. Not only that but they want to stay in their hometown where they grew up.

These connections have impacted my life and made me who I am today. An example of a time when I proved my loyalty was to a high school football team who I’ve been with since freshman year. When I played freshman year, I was excited to play because of the fact that it was a new school, which had not been around for a long time and I wanted to be a part of something new.

My sophomore year I got moved up to varsity and started after the first couple loses. In the beginning I felt as if everyone was giving up with a lack of effort; people would show up to practice late, mess around during practice, miss practice, but play during the game, and just never really got things done. When I began starting at quarterback, I thought I could maybe change the way things were run, but nothing changed, and we continued losing games and players and coaches. Instead of leaving like the rest, I decided to stay with the team and finish.

So if any city planners have any ideas of making things look more modern and “better,” they should take into consideration how the people who live in the area might feel about it. They might feel comfortable or like things the way they are or they might just want some change but not the whole thing together.