East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

My message: Can I trust that you will be a giant advocate for basic human rights?

Dear future president,

You’ll be faced with many big projects all to which will attempt to make the United States better than before, many of which will have to deal with and affect the people of the United States. So my question is: Can I trust that you will be a giant advocate for basic human rights?

From the beginning of this county’s history there has always been the mistreatment of people. Whether it’d be for race, sexuality, religion, or gender there has always been a certain group made out to be the minority. I want a leader that can pull the nation together through its population. I am tired of seeing the alienation of human beings. We as people strive on the idea that we’re not perfect and that we may never be, yet there are people who promote the hate and isolation of certain groups giving this false idea that they are better than other even though perfection is not achievable.

We all stand on the same ground, the ground that we all breathe and feel just like everybody else. I want a leader that will help destroy the prejudice and hate. A leader that fully understands the value of a life.

I want to be able to walk the streets and not be seen as another Mexican that’s “probably illegal” or as a homosexual who will be treated as some mistake being labeled by rumors and stereotypes. I demand for a world that sees a person for who they are not for the way look.

I want a leader who is willing to fight for their citizens legal or illegal, gay or straight, man or woman. There no need or demand for more hate, the people are screaming for peace.

Can I trust that you’ll be the president to start this movement and inspire others to do the same?


Manolo Aguilar

East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

East Los Angeles, Calif.