East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

My passion

On January 6, 1986, at a young age, my father had his first journey. For three days my father walked on foot to come to the U.S. to have a better life for himself and my family. Feeling the fresh air of the mountains at night and the cold water inside his shoes from running across the river, my father began his journey. He got dirty and hid under trees behind huge rocks, and unknown holes where dangerous animals could have been. He put himself in danger just so the helicopter wouldn’t spot him and take him back to his hometown in Mexico. My father had to catch up and listen wisely to the “Coyote,” a person known for trafficking illegal immigrants to the U.S. so my father wouldn’t get lost. My father saw some people in his group stay behind because they couldn’t catch up. People were starving to death and suffering from sickness. If those people couldn’t catch up, they would need to stay behind. My father never saw half of the people in the group ever again.

The restaurant makes families feel like they are at home. As soon as you walk in, you can already smell the delicious beef being cooked. You see the paintings on the wall inside that make the costumer remember memories of the times they spent in Mexico. This is the famous Liliana’s Tamales Restaurant.  Located a few blocks away from Liliana’s Tamales Restaurant is a huge park.

Ball! Ball! Ball! I yell my lungs out. Waiting for my teammate to turn his head around and pass me the ball, I tell myself I have a clean shot. I see a dirt field with barely any grass and trees. Standing in the middle of the field, smelling the dirt, and feeling it going inside my nostrils is something I enjoy. Dripping in sweat and working every single bone and muscle of my body is something I love to do. I wake up every day hoping it can be Thursday or Friday already so I can go have fun with my friends. Playing soccer isn’t just a sport, I have a passion for it. Belvedere Park has a lot of different activities that a person can do such as playing basketball, softball, baseball, football, skating, and swimming. At a young age, I started playing soccer. At age seven, I first touched a ball. Belvedere Soccer League was where I first began. Then, I moved to the Paramount Soccer League, and now I’m in the Libertad Soccer La Puente league. I love challenging myself to be better. I also enjoy playing with different kinds of people, not only because I get to learn new skills and tricks, but also because I learn about different backgrounds, heritages, and cultures.