East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Obregon Park: the landmark that unites the community outdoors

The park located in East 1st Street in East Los Angeles, well-known as Obregon Park, is a landmark that has been here in our community for a while. This park was named after Euegene A. Obregon, who was a United States Marine, and was posthumously awarded the United States’ highest military decoration for valor, the Medal of Honor, for sacrificing his life to save that of a wounded comrade during the Second Battle of Seoul.

What surrounds the landmark would be Obregon Road, a Marine Corps Air Station Miramar which now it is a clinic.

This Park offers a friendly environment for families to come together and also for teammates to come together for a sport. Sports seen at the park are cheerleading, baseball, basketball, recreational swim, and indoor soccer. Activities they offer are swimming lessons, summer camps, country capers and they have an after-school club that help the youth with homework.

The park also offers lunch meals for children 2-18 now and through the summer as well.

This park is valuable because it unites people and also offers an escape from what is surrounding them, and enjoy some peace and quiet, even if it’s only for a while.

It is also valuable because the park is nearby which means that any person can stop by and enjoy their day.

The park symbolizes happiness because it is a place where people enjoy themselves for a while without getting in trouble or being at home using the internet.

This place characterizes joy because of kid’s laughter and smile while playing in the jungle gym. As the sun rises, it bring joy to the people who are coming to exercise or to walk around to have some joy and to be able to start off their day like that.

The park also characterizes peace because sometimes when the park is lonely and someone comes, they get to enjoy the peaceful and quietness the park offers. You just get to hear the birds chirping in the morning and the leaves falling down from the breeze of the wind.

Obregon Park is a very important landmark in my community and many people would be upset if it would disappear. It adds lots of value to who we are as a community. Unity is brought by this park.

Parks in general unite families in the community to do something outside instead of always being home.

My landmark contributes a lot to my community.