East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


The feeling of relief to hear that bell ring after the three rounds I killed. I called it a day. Before I leave the gym to go home, me despido to the other fellow fighters like they do too. It’s awesome in the gym because it’s like we’re family. We all come from the same place, therefore we take care of each other in and out of the gym. To be quite honest, I believe that’s what East Los Angeles is all about. Not so long ago I was in a car accident, but my raza came rushing towards the scene of the accident to help out. They comforted me, made sure I was okay, and called the police to the scene of the accident. It surprised me how helpful the people in this neighborhood are, watching out for each other.

Most people see East Los Angeles as a negative stereotype towards la raza and their “barrio” with gang violence, but what city doesn’t have its flaws? East Los Angeles is a considerable city full of Chicanos that admire the community. A value that grasps East Los Angeles the most is its openness. There are murals in our city free for all to enjoy, which expresses the history, concerns and aspirations of our home. Our culture is an integral part of the city’s mural heritage. This is what makes East L.A., East L.A.

Growing up in East Los Angeles is not so bad. This place I call home is important to me because it created the respectful, independent man I am today. My home has taught me a lot about reality. I learned to not let people walk over me and to stand my ground without giving in.