A person without a helmet rides a scooter on Pacific Avenue. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)
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Opinion: E-scooters are a bad idea

Electric scooters should not be used as a mode of transportation when going from one place to another. In an LA Times article called “Bird scooters — so much fun, so damn dangerous” by Robin Abcarian, she states that Bird scooters can be fun but at the same time dangerous. She gives an example of how a girl fell off her Bird scooter and was injured. She shows this because she wants people to see that even though the scooter may be small, it still is very dangerous and for that reason they should not be allowed to be used by people.

Abcarian says that one of the reasons the Bird or any electric scooter is dangerous is because of the electric motor that gives you instant acceleration, which could be hard to control. If people cannot control how fast they are going on a scooter then they would cause problems and maybe put themselves in danger. For that reason, it is unsafe for people to use them, especially if they are younger than 18.

According to the NPR article “As E-Scooters Roll Into American Cities, So Do Safety Concerns” by Deena Prichep, people should be wearing helmets when riding an electric scooter but they don’t get hurt. Helmets should be worn when riding an electric scooter, but not that many people use them. For that reason, when they get into an accident, the outcome could be worse than it would have been with the helmet, and for that reason, they should not be allowed to be used since people won’t use the proper equipment to protect themselves.

Since people should not be trusted to use the electric scooters as they should be used, then scooters should not be allowed to be used, to protect people.