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Opinion: La Princesita is part of this Latino culture

La Princesita is a market where many people living in East Los Angeles think that it’s very special because it has been there for a very long time. It’s been there since as long as my parents can remember. I chose this place because of its history.

As far as I know when it was founded, it was known as the corn tortilla manufacturer and then later on expanded into providing a vast majority of products such as groceries, produce, and meats. Then as time passed by, it turned into a market where they sold meats and other type of foods. Then after that, it was built to be La Princesita.

When time passed and the store changed into La Princesita, they changed the building into an enormous layout, the designs inside of it are beautiful.

La Princesita is very special to many people. Friends have told me that for as long as they can remember it has been there, and they like it because of all they groceries and foods they sell there. They have told me that the market has the best kind of meats, and the best handmade tortillas; basically La Princesita has the best of every grocery.

Many people also have told me that La Princesita is a good place to get your meats, tortillas, and even your vegetables because of how fresh and good they are. I wouldn’t disagree with them because when I walked inside a while back, it looked like all the vegetables and the groceries were fresh and good. Also the smell of fresh meats made me imagine them being cooked and tasting good.

I also think that La Princesita is a unique market because most of the markets around the neighborhood sometimes aren’t as good with their produce or the tortillas aren’t handmade. For example, my family and I used to buy groceries from El Super market but then we started noticing something was wrong whenever we would eat the food from there. Then we got a letter in the mail saying that we shouldn’t buy anything from that market because all the food being delivered there was passed its time due.

When my family and I passed by La Princesita one day, we thought it would be a good market, so we went inside. Since that day, we haven’t stopped going.

They have the best of everything. The meat there is delicious and their vegetables are very fresh too. That’s what makes this market so unique. I think that this is why La Princesita makes East L.A. special. Without this market, East L.A. wouldn’t be the same as it is now.

La Princesita is part of this Latino culture. La Princesita is special to us.