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Opinion: Violent video games don’t make people more violent

Violent video games are fun and addicting, and everyone who owns a game system and plays “violent” games like for example “Call of Duty,” or “Zombies,” is pretty fun to play. Am I right?

In many occasions there has been many people, even parents complaining how violent games affect people to be more violent in real life. But in that case it is not true at all. Since playing any games that requires violence is just for the kids to have fun and because people like it nothing else, which I disagree that it makes anyone violent.

Many kids nowadays play different video games either be as “NBA 2k18,” which is just basketball or as in “Call of Duty” games that is more of killing and stuff. It starts from little kids when they get into that, probably since they see adults or older siblings playing it. But the big question that has been around for some time is that if violent games affect people to also being violent in the real life?  It doesn’t whatsoever.

First of all, it starts from little kids to teenagers, and that is when they are mostly into playing Xbox or PlayStation all day. But the most popular games now would be more of the “killing” ones since there is a variety of some.

To reenact those things they see in a video game is impossible, and just being violent afterwards is not common when someone is done playing. As seeing my little brother play those types of games, he isn’t being violent at all since it’s just a game.

Also seeing my little brother playing those types of games, after he gets so tired he isn’t doing things he did on the video game, he is just normal. But there is parents for example exaggerating when they see their kid playing games that revolves killing. They be like “those games are not worth buying” or “those games are not good for kids to play,” when they are biased in either buying the game or even playing it.

Instead of thinking those types of things they should worry more about their kids not breaking their controllers while losing since they are expensive, and just worry about their kid’s happiness and enjoying the game.

Second of all, if someone likes playing games with violence in it, why judge the game if for them is fun? That’s all that should really matter they will be entertained for a while.

Therefore, as in doing some research, I found that in the BBC News, they report that “no single risk is being made” in play violent games. That it will just lead to “aggressive or violent behavior instead.” In that case there just saying it’s just the behavior that will change nothing else, but I don’t think it does.

First of all, if you lose in any of the games, it’s understandable that you will get somewhat angry and be mad because of that, but that’s pretty much it. Kids, teenagers and even adults will calm themselves down and continue playing or just end playing for the day.

I just want to make it clear that if anyone who plays video games and it requires violence that it just simply won’t affect you in any way. What happens in a game stays in a game because obviously you can’t do any similar activities in real life. After all, I will hope mostly parents and anyone in general should take in consideration the game first and play it themselves. Interact with the game as anyone would and see what everyone finds it fun and you will see that you won’t change as in doing “violent things” in real life.