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Opinion: You don’t have to go to college to be successful

No matter how good the education will be, the debt that you owe to whichever school will leave you wishing you had second thoughts earlier. College and universities are so expensive that it leads up to the point of rethinking what you’ll do for a successful living.

One reason why you shouldn’t go to college or a university is because of the price. The most common thing recent graduates from high school worry about. For example, a waste of a lot of money is having way too many degrees that you might not even need for your personal career. Therefore, choose a major that you’re willing to dedicate yourself to and make a successful living out of it.

Another reason why you should think about college more is simply being in student debt with the school. After you graduate you’ll be in debt with more than $10,000, and when the degree you chose doesn’t help you get a good paying job around your area you will end up working at a fast food restaurant and getting payed $11 an hour. You won’t be able to maybe even afford a car, have no Wi-Fi, bills, and will be in a tight budget.

Finally, the final reason why you shouldn’t go to college is you could be successful in many other ways that doesn’t require you to be a college graduate with a degree. For example, jobs that don’t ask for a degree is being a mailman, entrepreneur, air traffic controller, mechanic, and much more. Therefore, as long as you love what you do for a living and can actually make a consistent living out of, you’ll be sitting in the sun with a cold beer with the boys enjoying life.

My opinion is correct because in the end you don’t always need a degree or college graduate to be successful. For example, I want to be a UFC fighter, so I’m going to train heavily on Muay Thai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As I progress I want to fight small fights and join small tournaments and from there hopefully get a contract to the big industry and fight for the UFC.

If that doesn’t work out I was also planning in becoming an auto mechanic by going to Universal Technical Institute. From there work my way up to be a high-class mechanic.

With that being said, college isn’t mandatory. You could be a non-graduate from college and already have a huge head start with savings compared to a college student spending money on books, classes, and many responsibilities.

Overall, I think college isn’t important or, in other words, mandatory! With all these senseless problems you’ll be facing in college and after college like being huge debt, wasting a lot of money for school purposes is enough on your plate, not mentioning bills, gas, food, clothes, etc. I think it’s enough to talk you out of college due to the money, especially if you’re helping your poor struggling family from being homeless, hospital bills or whatever it is.

With everything being said, focus on something that doesn’t kill your hard-earned saving and time from being a young adult. Like if any of your relatives have a business or work at a business or any type of work source apply and work there, save some money and really from there on it’s up to you. Think about it!