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Oriol’s Bike Shop


Oriol Bike Shop is a bike shop located at 4236 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue in the East Los Angeles area. The bike shop is a family owned business and has served this community’s biking needs for many years. Oriol, the owner, is a hardworking man who greatly values customer service and has a special relationship with all of his customers. Oriol isn’t like most store owners. He remembers his customer’s names and is always happy to lend a helping hand, whether it’s replacing a chain or fixing a flat tire. Oriol is passionate about what he does, and it shows as soon as you walk through the door. He always makes sure to greet you and ask if you need help, always with a big smile that lets you know he is someone who is about more than just making money.

Oriol is an accurate representation of what it means to be from East Los Angeles and what the people represent. He is hardworking and has a flame in his eyes that will never go out. This is what makes his business so unique and genuine. Oriol cares more about the satisfaction of his customers than just counting the green, which is why he has a generous number of loyal customers that are always happy to come back to his bike shop. At t the end of the day, that’s what counts because it shows character, the character that represents East Los Angeles.

Not only is Oriol a businessman, but he also does a lot for the community that sometimes goes unnoticed. Oriol only sponsors homegrown talent here in East Los Angeles, and is always trying to inspire his sponsored bikers by using his success as an example. Sometimes if you walk past his bike shop, he’ll be outside filming a few of his bikers doing tricks. He is always trying to motivate the youth and do everything he can to uplift them. This is why his bikers are happy to be sponsored by him, because Oriol is such a down-to-earth person that has had the same attitude and drive from day one. Oriol isn’t just some store owner who sponsors people, he cares about his bikers and his community.

This store is more than just a business. It represents the resilience of the East Los Angeles community. When the business first started, many didn’t think it had what it took to be successful. Many thought that a bike shop here was a farfetched idea. People soon realized that it wasn’t a bad idea. The business has been through many financial situations when it first started, and was even in danger of going out of business. Nevertheless, Oriol persevered with his business against adversity, just like the people of East Los Angeles, which is why they continue to stand here today and do what they love.