East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Part of me

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is located only a few minutes away from my house. It is absolutely breathtaking with its beautiful, brick-style building, perfect landscaping, and gorgeous altar. Every time you visit this house of God, there is a sense of positive energy and peace that surrounds you. The interior is painted a very light yellow that produces a soft gold light shining over the altar. It is such an amazing view. You automatically feel the positive vibes radiating throughout the church’s walls. It is certainly a place where most people enjoy spending some of their Sunday morning.

Yeah, I said most people, but not me. You see, for the past 13 years, I have spent every single Sunday morning in Assumption Catholic Church, which is located in Boyle Heights. I would listen to Father Gustavo preach about God. He has this passion when lecturing about the reading that it is impossible not to pay attention to. His eyes twinkle when he blesses the body and blood of Jesus Christ so it can be distributed to the people. The church itself has nothing out of this world, but it is like a cocoon to our community. It creates a feeling of safety, enveloping everyone and uniting us all into one.

This place is a great part of my life since I completed my first communion and confirmation there. Also, I met so many hard working and honest people that I continue to communicate with every time I encounter them in church or the neighborhood. To most people it may seem like an ordinary church, nothing fancy like the Sacred Heart Church, but to me, it’ll always be number one, above any other church or even cathedral. I am part of this church and it is a part of me.