East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Poem: A city that I dreamed

I want a city of purity and technology of knowledge in a device

Than seeing the past 40 years of destruction and demise

I want to see a fountain covered water and that can go any farther

Than seeing a girl next to a grave looking at her dead father

I want to see people who are smart, open-minded, and clean

Than seeing a person in the alley who looks like a crackfiend

Past five years I seen body after body lying down on a street

I always wanted to believe if there is someone better than me

Seeing the city with helicopters looking for a villain

While I’m just here listening to hip-hop and chillin’

Our music and our walls of art is the hope to keep our minds freed

But too much hope will slowly represents greed

Museums in the City shows beautiful pictures of our history

But let me tell you parts of our people’s story

Late 1930s and early 1940s where the time made a revelation

Which was back known as the era of segregation

Our people were in houses that separate between the color and white at the time

Because our people were in the red line that investors didn’t even put a dime

During World War II the time in L.A. we had fashion that gave Mexican Youth a zest

Chicanos were beaten up for the fashion that later became a racial protest

The past shows the struggle of our people in a dash

By showing pictures of tragedy struck in a flash

Police back in the days was a definition for justice and brutality

1992 was the year when the police turn the people into their sanity

Gunshots, red spilled all over, and buildings topple to the ground

During the time civilians and police weren’t safe and sound

1993 was the year of a man’s death that made the Grape Strike and Boycott

He was honored for the Farm Workers’ Right that he had fought

Atlas within the few years there was peace

But that peace later turned to cease

2005 through 2006 the year where it ended my father’s and brother’s destination

When they pass H.R. 4437, which was a control act of Border Protection and Illegal Immigration

I didn’t know what to say and what I had in sight

In the T.V Latinos and Supporters of H.R. 4437 put up a fight

Within last few years I saw nothing but shootings and gang violence

In Los Angeles within a day they improve the law to put it in a silence

I now see people going to academies and schools focusing on their education

People help each other from disasters which is know preservation

All of this history, tragic events, and labor movement leaders like César Chavez

Made I city I never dreamed of which the name of the city is Los Angeles