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Poem: Angels


The city of angels

A beautiful city

A city of diversity, a city of equal rights

A city where we all people share ideas &, opinions.

Where Gangs roam the streets

Causing for neighborhoods with no peace.

Where Scholars are going to school,

Getting educated and being no fools.


In my city I see a new life,

Everyday people are born and people die.

Every day I see a new face

Life every day is a new maze.

Getting through life day by day.

People kneeling down for god and pray.


This is my L.A.

What will I do for it?

I shall wait and see for what the future brings at me.

Or does the future have to wait for me?

In my L.A I see many opportunities.

L.A a city of hope, a safe haven city.

Where hard-working minorities are really busy.

Where Mexicans, Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics are fighting war.

This is my L.A and the future is coming near.


L.A a big city itself,

With many holes to fill in.

A city where the minorities rarely have a voice,

A city where minorities rarely have a choice.

Minorities fighting wars, against so-called “upper supremacy”

Fighting for equality and justice.

L.A a city with race divisions.

Hispanics versus whites.


My L.A has many viewpoints and many sides.

A city with many pros and cons.

This is a city of so-called

“Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.”

Although in my L.A there are many self-barriers,

There are many self-divisions,

There are many self-made frontiers.

Humans ourselves create these things.

We let our differences separate us,

We don’t come to think about a chance to unite and bond.

We only think on ourselves. Sadly

This is L.A and how will we live up to it

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