East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Poem: City of Angels filled with sins

Seeing two guys fight on the bus and everyone went silent.

I wish my city wasn’t violent.

My city is filled with gangsters on most streets.

Even the parks turned into war zones for these peeps.

If this place was peaceful.

Maybe the City of Angels wouldn’t be as sinful.

I remember the burning house on my street.

Everything was gone, nothing was saved

And no one got hurt which was a blessing.

Don’t get me wrong, this city isn’t all bad.

We have the elotero man walking down our street,

We also have the churro guy,

Who are always out even during the heat.

My city also has hills that show off these nice views.

When the sun starts setting, the sky goes to purple orange from blue.

This place is half and half, good and bad

But L.A. will always be my home.