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Poem: East L.A. Day

In the morning the place is crowded with lots of parents

Hurrying up to take their kids to school.

On the way to school you see students hurrying to school while others don’t.

After school you will either wait for your parents to pick you up

Or you go walking home alone.

And when you get home somewhere at noon after going to an after school program

You parents take you out to eat at night,

You hear fireworks or cars going fast at the night

At night you see the whole city light up

Sometimes you will hear the police sirens in the distance

The streets are dark but people still go out

At the night you go to a taco truck and eat with your whole family

And when you going back all you hear at the night

Are the cars that are going in the freeway, going back to their home to rest

On the way home the houses will be dark except for the street lights

And when you go into your home the lights are tuned off and that is how the night at East L.A. is

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