East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Poem: East L.A. has opportunities for everyone

East L.A. has opportunities for everyone


The city I live in is always active and has gangs

It has nice people who will always be willing to

help anyone, some people will also want to cause

people any type of harm


Even though East L.A. is known as a not to good city,

it has a lot of opportunities for people and students

Students have the opportunity to have educational

and fun field trips, colleges give students scholarships

to give them the opportunity of having a good career


Just like some have a lot of opportunities in life,

some don’t have the same luck and start getting

involved with gangs, drugs, bad influence people

and they sadly don’t make it through life and most

of them die because they’re family don’t support

them most of the time


My city also has a lot of public businesses that allows

students help If they need it, it has a lot of educational

places and it also has places to go have fun like amusement

parks and lots of concerts to attend