(Photo courtesy of Alfredo Trujillo)
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Poem: My journey

Throughout my life, I’ve had many significant moments. Some that were fun/happy, and some that weren’t as good. I decided that I would express my feelings and memories through this poem. I want to share with you guys all those moments that I cherish, all those memories that make me who I am today.


My journey

I remember the sky was blue

I remember feeling like I was sticky glue

I remember walking out, falling, ripping my third-grade shoes

I remember going to school, hitting this one foo

I remember going out, wetting myself, just because I wanted out

I remember using the restroom with a guy who didn’t wash his hands

He smelled bad

I remember he was super sad

I thought it was because his girl had left him for another man

I remember my friend saying what’s up dude

I remember him acting like a dumb baboon

I remember this tree

In fact, sometimes it’s even next to me

I remember this guy, he was always rude

I remember saying what’s your problem dude

I remember always seeing a black man

I remember he was as small as sand

He would crack me up when he would say he was the strongest man

He was a really good man

I remember my friend’s birthday

I remember his day turned out to be gray

I remember hitting the field for the first time

I remember getting my first tackle

I remember turning 17, cherishing those around me