East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Poem: My vision of L.A

I love L.A.

I love L.A. because of its culture

I love L.A. because it gave us Motley Crew, N.W.A, Metallica, and The Doors

Even though L.A. has drugs, murders, unaffordable housing, and violent gangs I still love L.A. with a burning passion

L.A. is my home

I want a city in which everyone has a voice that matters

I wish for a city in which people didn’t have to struggle just to make it through the day

I want a city where people aren’t segregated by their race

I can imagine it, I can hear the neighbors arguing

I can hear the sirens when there is a crime happening

I can feel the smell of the churros in the street

I can envision it already

I can envision a city where everyone has a voice, where people can live a good life without fearing for their lives, I can envision a city in which people lived in harmony and peace.

This is my dream of L.A.