(Photo courtesy of Dennise Mayorquin)
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Poem: Parts of my life living in East Los Angeles

  1. I remember going to a football game with my cousin,

We were shaking because it was wintry, but we were still supporting.

  1. I remember walking to Troy’s after school with a friend and

Almost getting hit by a car that was pulling out from a parking space.

  1. I remember my cousin’s 1st birthday, listening to everyone laugh,

She looked adorable in her Minnie Mouse outfit.

  1. I remember getting scared by my brother’s rapid, crazy driving

Driving through the Angeles forest, enjoying the view and smell of nature.

  1. I remember watching my favorite shows on Netflix

Like Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural.

  1. I remember almost being late to school, eating in the car

Because I never have time to eat breakfast at home.

  1. I remember when my parents got a brand-new blue car,

We were in the dealership for hours, sitting in uncomfortable chairs.

  1. I remember driving for the first time with my brother and uncle

We went from Cal State LA to my house, smelling the carnitas from our favorite place.

  1. I remember going to pick up my grandparents from the airport,

When they came to visit from Mexico, giving us candy.

  1. I remember smelling carne asada fries and enjoying the taste of them,

While Steph ate chicken tenders.

  1. I remember riding the bus with my mom,

To go to the mall because we both love shopping, while eating pretzels.

  1. I remember hitting the piñata on Christmas,

Then loving the strong smell of tamales coming from the kitchen.

  1. I remember going to Baskin Robbin with my cousin,

She got vanilla ice cream and I got butter pecan.

  1. I remember wasting 80 dollars on an Eminem sweater,

Very expensive for my liking but it was worth it.

  1. I remember going to Rialto, being stuck in traffic

To visit my newborn cousin, Amelia.