(Photo courtesy of Nathalie Gordillo)
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Poem: Remembrance

I remember the pain of being hit by a softball in my face for the first time.

I remember sneaking off at midnight to have a taco nearby.

I remember having the cold bitter air strike my face in the wake of December.

I remember eating my first burrito from La Azteca and having my taste buds thank me.

I remember the sounds of a busy downtown

Hearing the conversations of people who thought I wasn’t listening.

I remember the smiles of ladies coming out of a church with their skirts flowing behind them.

I remember the rush I felt as I sprinted after my dog on the streets, her ignoring my calls for obedience.

I remember my first knee scrape from falling off my board.

I remember the wafting scent of carne asada from the corner once I got out of practice.

I remember hearing the screams of children on rides at the Jamaica Fair.

I remember the wind blowing my hair wildly as I watched cars pass under me.

I remember getting hit with the humidity of Washington as I stepped off the plane.

I remember climbing to my roof with my blanket and sitting to watch the twinkle of stars above me.

I remember my cheeks getting crimson red for the first time in sixth grade when I had crush on someone.

I remember stepping on dead leaves in the fall, crunching all the way to school and back.

I remember the sweet smell of pine surrounding me when I went camping for the first time

The smell is still engraved

I remember the boredom that crept upon me when I sat in a court room

Teddy bear in arms not knowing the terms the adults spoke in.

I remember getting lost in a Walmart and having my parents leave without me.

I remember amusing myself with the water hose in the summer

Pretending to be a water bender

I remember when I first moved to East LA, not knowing what to expect from that point on.