East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Poem: The place an immigrant loves

East L.A is the place I grew up in

The place to make dreams become a reality

The place where I can prove those wrong who’ve doubted me

The place where there’s more than just “immigrants stealing others jobs”

The place my parents brought me to have a better life and make a difference

The place I never thought I would fall in love with as I got older.

I remember as a young girl passing by those beautiful tall palm trees

I remember passing by the big Whittier Boulevard sign thinking how they made it

The smell of the tasty churros I’ve always loved to get as a child from the famous churro man.

East L.A is the place I lived through the good and bad

I hope one day I can make a difference like my parents believe I could.

I hope one day East L.A isn’t viewed as a “ghetto and dangerous place to live in”

I hope and hope many things wishing everyone saw things like me

There’s plenty of things I wished I can make become a reality in this amazing city

It’s easy to say, but hard to do.

Welcome to my city, the place I and others truly love.