East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Positive vibes always fly

John Garcia is a senior who attends East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, one of the schools on the Torres campus.

Garcia is full Salvadorian, but his family is mixed. He has three brothers and two sisters.

Garcia loves having a lot of brothers and sisters because he knows he will never be alone. That’s why he wants to have a large family so they will have the same experience he had growing up. But as he was growing up, he didn’t have his Dad.

His Dad was in prison when he was born, so he doesn’t really remember him that much. But he did have his Mom and grandma to raise him and his siblings. Therefore, he is grateful for always them.

You can say that Garcia is famous for always being in a positive vibe and always putting smiles on people’s faces. He likes all types of music, but enjoys hearing music from Post Malone to ATCQ.

Someday, he hopes to be a famous rapper and sell out shows around the world. He wants to be a rapper because he wants to be an entertainer. You could say he’s going to be the new “Kanye.”

In the future, Garcia hopes to be able to buy his Mom and his grandma their own house. He feels like it’s a must because his Mom and grandma support him. He feels like it’s only right to give his Mom and grandma what they deserve.

Garcia’s point of view in life is different. He thinks life is too short be a normal person so he rather be different.